Today’s post will be about making your own DIY cupcake toppers!

You know what happens when you just believe you can make something yourself and you feel some kind of way when you have to pay for said thing?

Yeah. That’s how I felt a couple of week ago. Don’t judge me

I had an order for some birthday and graduation cupcakes. The client wanted personalised toppers on them too

The graduation one wasn’t a problem, I had made them before and that’s what the client requested. P.S. If you would like a post on how I made the graduation toppers, comment below and I’ll see to it

But then, she sent over ideas of what she wanted for the birthday toppers. And I thought, “hang on a minute, why should my client pay more when I can clearly make these”?

And right there, people, was when the DIY bug hit me. Bad.

I searched all over trying to find a template for what I wanted but I could only find single sided toppers 😓 Why are they single sided? Why should people looking from the back of the cupcake only see a white background and maybe a bit of a bamboo skewer?! It’s not nice

Until I found OnlineLabels and downloaded one of their label templates. And as they say…


People say that right? If they don’t, send them here and I’ll educate them 😜



Anyway, in all my excitement (more like anxiety, to be fair), I forgot to take step by step pictures 🙈 So, I’ll explain the process and bombard you with cute cupcakes. You won’t feel like you missed anything 🤗

Here we go…


What you will need:
Designed template
Craft paper (I used scrapbook paper)
Bamboo skewers (cut to your desired length I cut mine into 3 pieces)
Glue stick (you can use hot glue as well)
Scissors (You can use shaped punches if you have them)

How you will do it:

  1. Print your designed template onto the craft paper
  2. Cut out the circles, with a pair of scissors or paper punches. You should have 2 circles per cut out, with a little paper holding them together
  3. Apply the glue on the back of one of the circles and the bamboo stick
  4. Place the bamboo stick in the middle of the circle, and flip the other circle unto the one with glue on it
    And you’re done! It’s ready to go on your cupcakes now 🙌🏾

P.S. I also found that you might not need the bamboo skewers if your buttercream is stable and high enough

Here are the PDF and word files for you edit to you liking, just click on the links below

HBD Cupcake Topper (B&W). PDF

HBD Cupcake Topper (B&W)


Until next time… Luchi 😘

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