Happy Birthday Luchi Bakes!!

Happy birthday Luchi Bakes!!

Who else found that weird? It felt like I was speaking in the third person…

So… Today is the day, Luchi Bakes turns 1 officially and I’m so excited. Like I said yesterday, you get 2 birthday gifts from me (I’m just so lovely 😋). Enjoy

Here we go

Gift #1: You get 10% off on anything you buy from the shop 🎉!! All you have to do is go over to the shop, add your ‘cravings’ in your basket and add the code, 1stbirthday, at the checkout page. Go order you birthday, graduation or even anniversary cakes now! THIS DISCOUNT ENDS 31/07/2017

Gift #2: You get a slice of Luchi Bakes’ birthday cake 🍰 I conveniently videoed the decoration process of the birthday cake, right down to cutting that first slice of cake 😍. And guess what, it’s available for your viewing pleasure on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages

I hope you enjoy these gifts and don’t forget to comment below and share the birthday cake video on all your social media pages

Guys, I was also thinking of doing a series of posts on a specific theme/topic. So if you have any ideas, please comment below

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