Website Launch Discount!

As if I would launch my website and not give you lovely lot some sort of deal!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you

I’m so excited about the launch; I can’t help but share my joy with you  (Most importantly, is the amount of times I’ve said “launch” this month. It’s actually ridiculous! Just saying… Haha)

Seriously, this whole process has been something else… I actually want to do a post about it, what do you think?

It’ll be completely different from the other posts I’ve done, but I think it’ll still be good though. Leave your comments below if that’s something you’d be interested in me doing

So what do I have for you? I can practically hear you screaming it in your heads… I’m right, right? Haha

Ok, first of all…

Due to popular demand, I’ll run the pre-launch giveaway for another week! This is for all of you who didn’t the chance to enter before. You get to win some of our favourite baking tools and stylish chokers from Ejiji-Vintage, all brand new too!!

How to win: Subscribe to the blog by entering your email in the form below, and share the website on all your social media accounts.



And my second gift to you…

In addition, you get 5% OFF in the shop!! Add the coupon code weblaunch5 in your basket.

You have to hurry though, because it’ll only be there for the next 5 days! (Offer ends on 7/5/2017)

Finally, don’t forget to comment and share the website with all your friends and family

Good luck and happy shopping!

Sharing is sexy!