The Website Is Coming!!

From the post title, I’m sure you all can tell that I’m in the process of making the ‘Luchi Bakes’ website (about time too!). But I’m so excited and I can’t wait for you all to see the end result 😊

On a different note, it was pancake day yesterday and I can’t explain why, but I always miss it! 😓 Yes, there is no excuse and I even planned to do something but life happened….

Don’t worry though, I’ll try and make some on Sunday and maybe put a post up next week

 Now, back to the website talk. I just wanted to prepare you guys. As much as I’d like to keep posting regularly, it might not be possible. What with me being hands on with the whole website thing (wish me luck). The YouTube videos will take a hit too, but don’t worry, I have great plans for that 😉

Also, I want to start offering a delivery service as part of ‘Luchi Bakes’ business  So if any of you lovely readers know any private couriers in the North West area in the UK, that would be great!

PS. I tried royal mail and my cupcakes were delivered in a right mess! Thank God it was just a trail and not an actual order. Can you imagine though?!

Anyway, that’s all for today and hopefully I’ll be back again next week. Have a blessed week and happy new month everyone! 😘

Until next time,

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